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I bet that subject line got your attention, right?  Probably.  We’re a society of voyeurs, aren’t we?  But that doesn’t pertain to this particular post….I guess that could be a good future post.

I am an avid reader.  I have way too many books throughout my house and it’s quite common that I have more than one book going at a time.  It’s how I roll.  I love fiction, biography, human interest, etc.  My all time favorite book is “Jane Eyre”.  Just typing that makes me want to dig through my mountains of books to find it and read it again.  From the classics to contemporary, I just love to read!

So my secret?  My dirty little secret?  I also love the ridiculous, geared-toward-teenagers stuff.  I compare it to how a foodie who loves gourmet fare, might also enjoy a greasy hamburger.  So yes, that means I devoured the Twilight series.  And I do mean devoured.   I borrowed all four books from my friend and read all four in two weeks.  It was sort of embarassing and by the end I felt like I had just binged on four bags of cookies.  Not that I felt sick, just guilty for loving them so much. 

Here’s the thing, though.  I saw Stephenie Meyer interviewed on Oprah.  Okay, now, watching Oprah is not a dirty little secret, because I do NOT watch Oprah.  But I saw that she had Stephenie on and I recorded that show.  Anyway, after seeing her interviewed, I sort of felt better about loving her series so much.  She was a stay-at-home mom with three young boys, right in the thick of things, when the idea for “Twilight” came to her.  She had never written professionally before.  Nothing published.  Ever.  And she had a dream.  Quite literally.  She dreamt one night about the scene where Edward shows Bella how he’s all sparkly in the sun.  So she wrote that chapter first, and filled in the time before and the time afterward from there. 

I have to respect that.  I have always loved writing too, but have never had anything published.  But her story makes me think that it’s possible.  Even at my advanced age.  HA! 

So yes, while I have succumbed to the craze that is “Twilight”, I’m not a complete fluff reader.  Let’s not forget my love for Miss Eyre.

And in case you’re curious…….Team Jacob.  All the way.


Cole, who is currently 5 1/2, is so BOY it’s ridiculous.  I think he got an extra wash of testosterone in utero.  His desire to wrestle and box and “C’mon, let’s fight!” is non-stop it seems.  And he’s teaching his little brother to follow in his footsteps.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like he’s out of control aggressive, he’s normal little boy energy.  But the way Myles toddles around after him, it’s just so adorable.  This morning I watched as Cole threw Myles into a stack of pillows as Myles laughed hysterically.  Over and over again, Myles was always looking at him like, “Do it again!!”.  Then of course, this game was topped off with their usual game of spin until you can’t spin anymore.  Myles is especially funny because he’s so little, and he’ll pivot turn around and around and around and around, then try to walk and inevitably run into the (soft) ottoman or couch, fall, and belly laugh. 

Caroline, my little princess, does not care for such games.  My sweet girl apparently got an extra wash of estrogen while in utero…which incidentally could explain my non-stop puking while pregnant with her.  I think the excessive testosterone and the abundant estrogen make for an interesting life in our house.  Just when I think I can’t handle another wrestling match, Princess Caroline wants to have a tea party.  No wonder I’m exhausted at the end of my days!!

Side note:  5K training is still going well.  I’ve never done this well with a workout regimen and I think it’s because I keep thinking that I CANNOT make a fool of myself at the race, nor do I want to be “that girl” who has to be carted off the path by the EMTs.  And so I continue!

If you know me, you probably know of my hate for running. I believe in the old addage, “I only run when chased”. I never get the “free” feeling that people who love to run enjoy. I only get  wheezy, crampy, and holycrapwhyamIdoingthis sort of feelings. I really really wish I loved running. I just don’t.
BUT. I am signing up and currently training for my very first 5K. WHY AM I DOING THIS???? Oh yeah. My love-to-run friend found one near us where the proceeds go to humanitarian efforts in Ethiopia. Of course she had to find one for Ethiopia. [heaving big sigh] So I’m doing it. And she’s training me. I am completely terrified, but I have to say, the workouts have been really great and I’m actually quite encouraged by my abilities. Will I be running the entire 5K? No. But will I be praying for the sweet release of death because I’m so out of shape? Nope. So come April 24th, around 10:00am CST, I will no longer be a Race Virgin. Hmmm….thinking I should make myself a t-shirt….

One of the “blessings” of pregnancy is the ability to grow skin tags. I did not know how “blessed” I would be in this department, but oh, how God has heaped it upon me in abundance! I have had to have a few removed because of rubbing and irritation and other gross descriptive words. Well this weekend, I experienced what I shall call, “accidental self-removal”. It’s all Craig’s fault, really. He was being the loving husband he is, giving me a thorough backscratching (that I know he was hoping would evolve into more). Before I knew it, he will slipping off my bra strap, which was caught on one of those lovely skin tags. And ripped it clean off. I screamed. Can you blame me? Sexy mood completely squelched! I ran to the bathroom to see if there were massive amounts of blood to match the horrific pain. Nope. Nothing. So to my husband I looked like lunatic attempting a fresh new excuse over the traditional “I’ve got a headache”. Thankfully, I was able to show him a small red spot where said skin tag used to reside.
I felt as though the area kept screaming at me, so I went to look for a bandaid to muffle the noise. All I could find was a Hello Kitty bandage. Fine. I put it on and all was mostly better.
The next day, I got up to shower, and when I got out and took off the bandage, my skin was totally red and irritated and frankly, looked a bit blister-like. Fantastic. This morning, said blister-like skin broke open in the shower and I had to bite my hand to keep from screaming and waking up my sleeping baby! You’re such a jerk, Hello Kitty! Who knew what evil was brewing behind that sweet oversized head and cute little bow? Blister-inflicting evil, that’s what. I shall never look at you the same…..

My Favorite Family

All five of us

I thought I’d take the time to introduce my family.  This is us.  Aren’t we adorable?  🙂  My husband Craig and I were married in October of 2002, about one year and one week after our first date.  After we married, we moved to Grand Rapids, MI and stayed there for 5 years.  We moved there because Craig had gotten a job at a University there.  Two years and one day later, we welcomed our son Cole into the world.  He was very much a blessing, and at the same time, a huge change to our lifestyle.  I don’t think you ever realize how very selfish we are as humans until you have to care for another life. 

When Cole was about 8 months old, I discovered I was pregnant.  I like to tell people that while I gleefully shared the positive pregnancy test for Cole, I chucked the stick at Craig for Caroline saying, “Well, what are we going to do now??”  This was mostly due to the fact that Craig was attempting a business start-up and we had no health insurance.  Miraculously, we worked things out though, and Caroline joined us in February of 2006. 

The weeks following Caroline’s birth were dark days for me.  Before I realized what was happening, I found myself in the grip of severe post-partum depression.  I guess I’ll get more into this at a later date, but the short version is that life was awful, I felt hopeless, but after confessing my feeling to my OB/GYN, I got the help I needed.  I went to counseling, and went on anti-depressants.  I cannot say enough about the importance of finding help when you are depressed.  It is not a battle to be fought alone!

After 5 years in Michigan, we moved back to Chicagoland, again for Craig’s job.  In 2008, we began the process to adopt from Ethiopia.  After many stacks of paper, many pages read, many documents notarized, and many headaches and impatient waiting, Myles Peter Mintesinote Isaak joined us in June 2009.  He was 7 months old at the time.  The entire adoption process stretched us in more ways than we could have ever imagined, and we are the better for it.  Adjusting to his arrival was more difficult than we first anticipated, but coming up on a year later, we are so blessed by him and we are amazed at how we have been shown even more of God through this process.  He really is Good, all the time.

Oh, that is us in a nutshell.  You will be learning all of our crazy quirks and strengths and general craziness through this blog.  Should be pretty interesting.  Thanks for joining us!

Oh preschoolers. Oh preschool crafts. Oh GLITTER!!!! If I never see another glitter embellished craft coming home with my kids, it will be too soon. Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. Cole (5) and his class had a leprechaun “mess up” their classroom and they had to look for where he may have hidden his gold. So they looked for the gold, and did other fun preschoolish things. And of course. They made crazy hats. With glitter. Oh so much glitter. Improperly glued glitter. And it didn’t stay on the hat. Of course not! Why would it?

So this morning as I prepared my all-too-necessary coffee, I found glitter. In my coffee. I was tired. And annoyed. So I drank the glitter because I needed the coffee and did not have the patience to fish it out. I hope glitter is digestable. I’m guessing it’s just like corn, if ya know what I mean.

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