Oh preschoolers. Oh preschool crafts. Oh GLITTER!!!! If I never see another glitter embellished craft coming home with my kids, it will be too soon. Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. Cole (5) and his class had a leprechaun “mess up” their classroom and they had to look for where he may have hidden his gold. So they looked for the gold, and did other fun preschoolish things. And of course. They made crazy hats. With glitter. Oh so much glitter. Improperly glued glitter. And it didn’t stay on the hat. Of course not! Why would it?

So this morning as I prepared my all-too-necessary coffee, I found glitter. In my coffee. I was tired. And annoyed. So I drank the glitter because I needed the coffee and did not have the patience to fish it out. I hope glitter is digestable. I’m guessing it’s just like corn, if ya know what I mean.