One of the “blessings” of pregnancy is the ability to grow skin tags. I did not know how “blessed” I would be in this department, but oh, how God has heaped it upon me in abundance! I have had to have a few removed because of rubbing and irritation and other gross descriptive words. Well this weekend, I experienced what I shall call, “accidental self-removal”. It’s all Craig’s fault, really. He was being the loving husband he is, giving me a thorough backscratching (that I know he was hoping would evolve into more). Before I knew it, he will slipping off my bra strap, which was caught on one of those lovely skin tags. And ripped it clean off. I screamed. Can you blame me? Sexy mood completely squelched! I ran to the bathroom to see if there were massive amounts of blood to match the horrific pain. Nope. Nothing. So to my husband I looked like lunatic attempting a fresh new excuse over the traditional “I’ve got a headache”. Thankfully, I was able to show him a small red spot where said skin tag used to reside.
I felt as though the area kept screaming at me, so I went to look for a bandaid to muffle the noise. All I could find was a Hello Kitty bandage. Fine. I put it on and all was mostly better.
The next day, I got up to shower, and when I got out and took off the bandage, my skin was totally red and irritated and frankly, looked a bit blister-like. Fantastic. This morning, said blister-like skin broke open in the shower and I had to bite my hand to keep from screaming and waking up my sleeping baby! You’re such a jerk, Hello Kitty! Who knew what evil was brewing behind that sweet oversized head and cute little bow? Blister-inflicting evil, that’s what. I shall never look at you the same…..