My Favorite Family

All five of us

I thought I’d take the time to introduce my family.  This is us.  Aren’t we adorable?  🙂  My husband Craig and I were married in October of 2002, about one year and one week after our first date.  After we married, we moved to Grand Rapids, MI and stayed there for 5 years.  We moved there because Craig had gotten a job at a University there.  Two years and one day later, we welcomed our son Cole into the world.  He was very much a blessing, and at the same time, a huge change to our lifestyle.  I don’t think you ever realize how very selfish we are as humans until you have to care for another life. 

When Cole was about 8 months old, I discovered I was pregnant.  I like to tell people that while I gleefully shared the positive pregnancy test for Cole, I chucked the stick at Craig for Caroline saying, “Well, what are we going to do now??”  This was mostly due to the fact that Craig was attempting a business start-up and we had no health insurance.  Miraculously, we worked things out though, and Caroline joined us in February of 2006. 

The weeks following Caroline’s birth were dark days for me.  Before I realized what was happening, I found myself in the grip of severe post-partum depression.  I guess I’ll get more into this at a later date, but the short version is that life was awful, I felt hopeless, but after confessing my feeling to my OB/GYN, I got the help I needed.  I went to counseling, and went on anti-depressants.  I cannot say enough about the importance of finding help when you are depressed.  It is not a battle to be fought alone!

After 5 years in Michigan, we moved back to Chicagoland, again for Craig’s job.  In 2008, we began the process to adopt from Ethiopia.  After many stacks of paper, many pages read, many documents notarized, and many headaches and impatient waiting, Myles Peter Mintesinote Isaak joined us in June 2009.  He was 7 months old at the time.  The entire adoption process stretched us in more ways than we could have ever imagined, and we are the better for it.  Adjusting to his arrival was more difficult than we first anticipated, but coming up on a year later, we are so blessed by him and we are amazed at how we have been shown even more of God through this process.  He really is Good, all the time.

Oh, that is us in a nutshell.  You will be learning all of our crazy quirks and strengths and general craziness through this blog.  Should be pretty interesting.  Thanks for joining us!