If you know me, you probably know of my hate for running. I believe in the old addage, “I only run when chased”. I never get the “free” feeling that people who love to run enjoy. I only get  wheezy, crampy, and holycrapwhyamIdoingthis sort of feelings. I really really wish I loved running. I just don’t.
BUT. I am signing up and currently training for my very first 5K. WHY AM I DOING THIS???? Oh yeah. My love-to-run friend found one near us where the proceeds go to humanitarian efforts in Ethiopia. Of course she had to find one for Ethiopia. [heaving big sigh] So I’m doing it. And she’s training me. I am completely terrified, but I have to say, the workouts have been really great and I’m actually quite encouraged by my abilities. Will I be running the entire 5K? No. But will I be praying for the sweet release of death because I’m so out of shape? Nope. So come April 24th, around 10:00am CST, I will no longer be a Race Virgin. Hmmm….thinking I should make myself a t-shirt….