Cole, who is currently 5 1/2, is so BOY it’s ridiculous.  I think he got an extra wash of testosterone in utero.  His desire to wrestle and box and “C’mon, let’s fight!” is non-stop it seems.  And he’s teaching his little brother to follow in his footsteps.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like he’s out of control aggressive, he’s normal little boy energy.  But the way Myles toddles around after him, it’s just so adorable.  This morning I watched as Cole threw Myles into a stack of pillows as Myles laughed hysterically.  Over and over again, Myles was always looking at him like, “Do it again!!”.  Then of course, this game was topped off with their usual game of spin until you can’t spin anymore.  Myles is especially funny because he’s so little, and he’ll pivot turn around and around and around and around, then try to walk and inevitably run into the (soft) ottoman or couch, fall, and belly laugh. 

Caroline, my little princess, does not care for such games.  My sweet girl apparently got an extra wash of estrogen while in utero…which incidentally could explain my non-stop puking while pregnant with her.  I think the excessive testosterone and the abundant estrogen make for an interesting life in our house.  Just when I think I can’t handle another wrestling match, Princess Caroline wants to have a tea party.  No wonder I’m exhausted at the end of my days!!

Side note:  5K training is still going well.  I’ve never done this well with a workout regimen and I think it’s because I keep thinking that I CANNOT make a fool of myself at the race, nor do I want to be “that girl” who has to be carted off the path by the EMTs.  And so I continue!