While joyfully singing and dancing around in my kitchen this evening, I reached up to open a cabinet and apparently subconsciously went with the superwoman strength reach coupled with the poor hand-eye coordination girl and jammed my finger into the edge of my microwave.  Some flat metal part of the microwave went right under my fingernail. 

In case you’re wondering….that really hurts.   A lot.  And the pain continues as you attempt to clean up after your children and inevitable jarring of your finger again and again thereby revisiting the previous immense pain. 

Okay, so maybe IMMENSE pain isn’t accurate.  But you can’t argue with me that breaking a bone, having surgery, labor pains, etc. don’t make getting papercuts NOT painful.  Geesh, did that sentence make sense?  You know what I’m getting at, right?  Also, washing dishes with that separated skin from under the nail is quite painful as well.  I think we all know the moral of the story here.  Stop being so joyful.  At least around metal appliances. 

In other news, as the mother of three kids, there is always something hilarious being said by one of them….at least the ones who speak.  And Myles is starting to speak now.  Oh yes, thanks to Daddy, he now says, “Pooper!” because Craig called him a Little Pooper.  Thanks sweetie.

Anyway, the observations of the world around them are so fascinating and mostly entertaining.  Today I heard Cole giving Caroline a lecture on the health benefits of water.  “It’s chock full of protein Caroline.  And that’s really good for you.  It also has Vitamin C.  And that’s good for you, too.”  This kid is so smart, he knows stuff even I don’t know.  They should totally put that on the label.

Being the mom of an adopted Ethiopian boy is also quite entertaining at times.  I love how my kids will introduce him to new people.  “This is my baby brother, Myles.  He has brown skin and black curly hair.  Let’s play pirates!”  They’re so honest, so matter-of-fact.  And then it’s on to playtime.  They might as well have said, “I’m wearing a blue shirt today with jeans.  Let’s play pirates!”

Oh yes, and I’m aware of how this blog is severely lacking in pictures.  I’ll work on that.