I say that I want to live like a dog while thinking in terms of the essence of a dog, not so much the whole licking oneself and eating garbage.  Anywho, I think humans are amazingly adept at complicating life.  Sure, we live more complicated lives than dogs do, but for the most part, we take ourselves way too seriously. 

I am a dog person.  I looooooovvve the puppies.  And I call all dogs puppies.  The actual puppies are called baby puppies.  Yup.  Feel free to laugh, I’m sure you may already be doing so.  I do not care.  The incredible species of canine has brought me unending happiness in my life. 

I have recently joined forces with a local animal rescue (Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary), as a foster mom.  It was a no-brainer for me, but it took some convincing for my husband to be on board.  He’s a newbie dog person, his eyes opened to the wonders of puppies by his lovely wife.  We’ve had only two fosters so far.  The first was a baby puppy, about 4 or 5 months old and a TOTAL cutie!  We (and by “we” I mean, the kids) named him Marty after the zebra in “Madagascar”.  He was snatched up in just 7 days due to his age and complete adorableness.  I’m proud to say that I’ve heard from his Mom and Dad that he has recently graduated from puppy obedience class.  Yay Marty!

Currently, we are fostering Bella.  She’s supposedly a pit bull mix, but she looks more like an oversized Boston Terrier.  She’s a sweet sweet girl, about 2 years old, and has made huge strides since being with us.  She was terribly nervous and anxious when she first came home, but a loving home, good food, and plenty of affection has turned her right around.

I love being a foster mom for these pups who so deserve a second chance.  Having two dogs in the house has had it’s challenges, but I am still reminded every day at how life would be much happier if we were to take our cue from these amazing animals.

Dogs Love Unconditionally

If only we all loved like they do!  “Did you lose your cool and yell at me?  No problem, I forgive, because I love you so so so much.”  There’s really not much a person can do to their pup to make them stop loving them.  I see God in how they love.  I have even been reminded of how I need to forgive and show love to my husband and children because of my puppies.  Puppies do not look for faults or conditions, they just LOVE.  Purely, passionately, and with plenty of affection!

When They’re Happy, They’re not Just Happy, They’re  Unspeakably Joyful!

I think humans are the only animal who try to control their emotions because of a subconscious feeling that showing emotion makes one vulnerable.  When dogs are happy though, their ENTIRE body shows it!  I just LOVE to see our two dogs wiggle their whole body in a no-holds-barred expression of joy!  If we expressed joy, praise to God, happiness over whatever (Yay! You pooped in the potty! – Yay! I managed to take a shower before noon!), in the same way, wouldn’t we also inspire those around us to feel some of that joy?  And wouldn’t that be amazing?

They Take Time to Rest

I know, I’m sure some of you may be saying, “Well, duh.  It seems like sleeping is all they do!”.  True, we often say that our own baby, Gracie, takes an average of 7, 915 naps a day.  But I think their ability to just drop, relax, and sleep is fantastic skill.  I can’t tell you how many times I climb into bed and my brain is still going 1000mph, unable to turn off.  If I could behave more canine-like, I’d have no hang-ups from the day, I’d just lay down and be asleep in seconds.  It makes me question, am I doing too much, or am I just putting way too much importance on things that I do, that I can’t put aside those things at the end of the day, to rest.  Good heavens, even the Lord rested!  And since we’ve lost the whole idea of keeping a Sabbath, it appears that many of us have also lost the ability to rest.  And not with a “I’ll do it tomorrow” sort of attitude (that implies that no work has been done at all), but rather with a “I’ve worked hard today, done what I needed to do, and tomorrow is a new day” attitude.

Dogs Greet Loved Ones With Joy

Without fail, every time I return home, even after a quick trip, the puppies greet me as if I had been gone for years.  It’s like the return of the prodigal son every time I come in the door!  It’s so edifying to be loved so purely, so passionately.  I know that when I greet my friends and family with that same attitude of love and genuine happiness to see them, it makes them feel pretty darn good, too.  Being greeted like that communicates to a person, “I am loved, I matter to her!”  Wouldn’t that just fill your “love tank”?

There are so many things I can learn from my puppies and I can see how I may be revisiting this topic. 

Oh crap, the dogs just tracked in mud.  Well, friends, nobody’s perfect.  🙂