Oh.  My.  Word.  Today is an ELT day.  ELT stands for “Every Little Thing”, and that is what will set off my youngest on these days.  Not just the big stuff, but Every.  Little.  Thing.  Good gravy it grates on my nerves.

Normally my little man is quite sweet and easily placated, but not on an ELT day.  And seriously?  It seems like we are having more ELT days than not as of late.  It wears on me, people.  It makes me not like him very much.  I know, what a horrible thing to say.  But so very true. 

On an ELT day, I can give him his favorite food for lunch and he will sit there, take a few bites, and then just wail.  Then a few minutes later, he’s fine and eating again.  But wait just a second….Oh!  There it is.  Wailing again.

On the really bad days, he can just be standing in the middle of the room and he’ll lose it.  I will literally be watching him and am an eyewitness to the NOTHING that has just happened, but there he stands, screaming and crying like someone just punched him in the mouth and called him a cootie head.  It’s enough to send Mommy to the bottle.  Or the chocolate. 

Oh yes, did I mention “the lip”?  Oh my yes, the lip.  He will stick that lower lip out so far I swear if I pulled on it, I could wrap it up over his entire face.  I love this boy with all that is in me, but holy crow these days are the hardest.  I know a lot of you out there feel me on this…so feel free to send some love my way and we shall commiserate together over our ELT children.