I was made aware this morning of something so horrific, so disturbing, that I just have to comment.  London has finally released their Olympic 2012 mascots. 

Now, before I reveal them, I’d like to say that London, and Britain at large, has given the world so many wonderful things.   In the genre Rock n’ Roll alone, we’ve got The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, The Who, Elton John, David Bowie, The Clash, the list goes on and on.  And actors?  Oh my.  Ewan McGregor, Kate Winslet, Robert Pattinson, Emily Blunt, Jude Law, again, the list goes on.  How about authors?  Of course there’s Shakespeare, Carroll, Dickens, Austen, etc. but there’s also J.K. Rowling who inspired kids across the globe to read the adventures of young master Harry Potter and now is filthy rich.  Not to mention the Royal Family.  I mean, where else can you still have a queen and her family doing royal British things AND be on every single British scandal mag?  Delightful.  Pip pip cheerio and all that sort of thing.

This is good stuff people!  Then why, oh WHY, do you give us this???

  I’m horrified.  What are they???  I showed them to my 4 year old daughter and she cried.  I am not joking.  She CRIED, and asked “What are those guys Mommy??  Stop it, my eyes keep looking at them and I can’t help it!”  Again, I am not joking.  That is exactly what she said.

So who chose the people who came up with these?  I mean, I would think something more classy would come from such a lovely and royal country.  But maybe I’m expecting too much.  Maybe we should just accept that Britain can do music, literature, and royalty well (amongst other things), but when it comes to beloved kid-friendly characters, they are horribly imcompetent.  I mean, after all, they did give us the Teletubbies.  *shudder*  

(Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering, Winnie The Pooh and Paddington Bear are exceptions to this rule.)