I’ve mentioned my super amazing friend Shonah before.  We got to spend a day at The Morton Arboretum with them a few weeks back.  Our kids are so close in age, and our little Habesha princes were roomies back in Ethiopia!  WE love playing with them!  My kids are always so excited to hear if we’ll be seeing them.

Playing in the toddler maze

If you live in the Chicagoland area and have never been to the Arboretum, you really should go.  They’ve got a fantastic kids area, with plenty of hands-on fun.  There are crafts, water areas, things to climb, and plenty of gorgeous foliage.  Our boys really liked the big maze, and the challenge of finding your way to the center.  It’s actually difficult!  Shonah and I had a few panic attacks over the kids running too far ahead of us, then coming to a fork in the path and having no idea where they went. 

And can we talk about how next time we go, I will just put the kids in their bathing suits and bring extra outfits for everyone?  Yeah.  LOTS of opportunities to play in the water. 

Creating a rock dam in one of the fountain play areas.

I also just love the fact that Myles and Esu can be friends even after being born across the globe.  I doubt they remember each other from Ethiopia, but they’ll grow up knowing that they can talk to each other about their shared past.  It  is such a gift, and one I’m so happy he has.

The boys. Stick a fork in them, they're "done" when this was taken.

Thanks to our friends, for sharing life and family with us.  You guys are awesome!