In case any of you were wondering, I am still running.  Yep, that’s right.  I know, it’s shocking that I’ve stuck with it.  But it’s hard to ignore the physical results.  I kind of like the fact that when I walk now, there isn’t a ripple effect happening in the rear.  I like the fact that I can punch my thigh and it, too, does not ripple.  I like that I’m in pants that are two sizes smaller and dropping (the size, not the pants).  I like that my “girls” are smaller.  Because I’ve always hated them.  They came way too early in my life – despite my desperate prayers for them as a pre-adolescent!  Why, oh why, did I want them so badly???

So here’s the issue with being err…”blessed in the chest”.  When you want to run, they protest by bouncing wildly and threatening to give you two black eyes.  It’s not pretty.  And NOT sexy.  This isn’t Baywatch…this is me in my running gear, causing a stir and not in a good way.  I have seen video of me running and I literally gasped in shock at the additional body motion.  Horrifying.  I shrieked at my husband, “Why didn’t you tell me that’s what I look like?!?!”.  He then grinned like a goon looked at me with compassion and said, “It’s not that bad, honey”.  Liar.

So the $9.99 sports bra specials at Target were just not cutting it in terms of support and containment.  I knew that if I wanted to continue to run and not risk facial injury and small children pointing at me and crying in terror, I would have to invest in a better sports bra. 

Enter my good friend, Beth, who got me into running in the first place.  She is also blessed in the chest and pointed me to Title Nine, a company specializing in women’s active wear, particularly sports bras.  Yes, they’re pricey, but oh my word, I have never felt so strapped down in all my life.  There are many to choose from, so take your time if you’re in the market.  I went for this little beauty, the Seven Wonders Bra.  I can jump and there is little to no movement.  Do you know what a miracle this is?  I would say it’s right up there with water-into-wine for me. 

So this morning’s run was literally a test run for my new miracle bra.  It worked so well that I was able to concentrate on my form, which has been a goal of mine for a while.  I highly recommend getting a fantastic sports bra if you want to run well, and your girls are “healthy” in size.  And I need to remember, God created me this way, so I shall focus on keeping my head high, “shoulders back, show off the rack” posture.  My shoulders have been rounded for too long, in a vain attempt to hide them.  Thank you, Seven Wonders Bra!  I can run with pride!  The girls are contained.  🙂