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Can I just proclaim my love for Costco?  If we ever need something quickly, I am definitely not the one to send to fetch it.  I love lingering in its gigantic  aisles!  It’s consumerism at its worst best.  I KNOW how wrong the shiny displays of capitalism are.  But oh man, how I do love to just stroll through and look…and touch…and yesTASTE.  

Today they had chocolate peppermint bark samples.  Are you kidding me?   My only concern was that the nice sample lady would definitely notice if I walked by 18 times.  I’m pretty sure you can get kicked out for sample hogging.  THEN, I discovered kettle corn samples!  I’m sorry, is it Christmas today?  My calendar must be slow, because how could there be two AWESOME samples the same day?!?!  Whoever decides the day’s samples must have had a great night’s sleep.  And maybe someone bought them a Starbucks when they weren’t expecting it.  So they were like, “Wow!  I’m really rested!  I feel great!  Oh hey, friend!  WHAT?  You’re giving me a free Starbucks?  ROCK ON!  This day keeps getting better!  You know what?  I think I’ll spread the love and offer peppermint bark AND kettle corn samples!  Joy to the World!!”.

I was still celebrating these two beautiful samples, when we rounded the corner and discovered samples of some wonderful bread-like thing with fruit rolled inside.  They had cranberry walnut, poppyseed, and apple cinnamon.  Oh my delicious.  Thank goodness they were tiny samples, as this glorious day could have completely ruined all the hard work I’ve put in slim down!  But again, Costco sample decider person had a great morning.  Perhaps they also got their hair done and were feeling extra sassy!  “Look at me!  I look fabulous!  Let’s give fruity rolled bread loaf samples too!”

Samples aside, Costco is such a delightful way for me to spend an hour..or two.  While I am always tempted by the endless merchandise, I have to say, the book table is my downfall.  It’s horrible.  WHY do I need to purchase when I could just as easily go to the library?  Because I am notorious for missing due dates?  That could be it.  Buying just takes care of those inevitable fines and then I get to keep it forever!  I know, I’m ridiculous.  But seriously, today, as I perused that lovely table, I physically had to stop myself.  I do not NEED a new book.  Or books.  Oh my word, I have a problem.  Is there a bookaholic group?

[Note: I just finished “Harvesting the Heart” by Jodi Picoult.  Jodi’s writing is always enjoyable, and she has a way of pulling you into the characters and their reality.  I recommend this one to any mom who has ever struggled with post-partum depression]

I confess, I did walk away with a bag of that delectable kettle corn.  I figured it’s a nice little snack – only 150 calories for 2 1/3 cup!  I can do that!

I love you, Costco.  So very much.


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