The Isaaks are recovering from Christmas and I’m sure much of the

Caroline and Cole helping me make cookies.

nation and world are doing the same.  Today, my parents left to go back home to Michigan so the craziness is officially over.  Phew!  There is

Uncle Jon, Cole, and Myles watching the Bears game, day after Christmas

something about having them here that puts the kids in a constant state of giddiness so when they leave, it’s literally like a meth addict going cold turkey.  Not only did they have Grammy and Grampy, but my brother, Uncle Jon was here as well, so there was always an adult entertaining one of them at all times.  Great for me, as I didn’t have to be the entertainer, but horrible for me after they leave.

They were AWFUL today.  And so was I.  I literally had no patience for the whining (thanks to over-tiredness) and arguing with me whenever I said “no” to a huge chocolate Santa at 9am.  I know, I’m a horrible mother.  What’s better to wash down your Cheerios with than a chocolate bar?  I can just hear their teeth rotting and their organs going into overdrive to keep up with the sugar input. *shudder*

I was not a good Mommy today.  I admit it.  At least, I wasn’t from 11am to about 2pm.  I myself wanted to throw down and have myself a good old fashioned tantrum.  I am very thankful that my husband was home at the time and told me, “Go.  Go somewhere.  Get out of here.  Clear your head”.  So off I went.  Without a shred of guilt.  I had one split second of “maybe I can take ONE kid with me”, but then I realized that I needed some alone time.  Some quiet.  Some time to think.  Some time to just…be.

So I went to Target.  Why wouldn’t I go there to clear my head?  Hel-LO?!?  It’s the happiest place on earth.  I bet you thought Disney was.  But Disney would sort of require me to go with my children.  Target does not.  So I wandered the aisles slowly.  To others, I’m sure I looked brain-dead and slack-jawed, but that’s because I WAS brain-dead and slack-jawed.  The longer I wandered, the more my brain seemed to thaw, and my grip on reality seemed to tighten.  I know.  Target.  It sounds loser-y, doesn’t it?  But I bet I’m not the only one.  Remember my post on Costco?  Yep.  Target is a more frequent haunt of mine.  And while there are no free samples, there ARE aisles and aisles of stuff that I like to look at.

Here’s how I generally do a Target trip.  Or any shopping trip really.  I get my cart, and I wander.  I put stuff in cart that I like.  I keep wandering.  I put more stuff in the cart that I like.  Then once I’ve completed a full circulation of the store, I do it again, and put back 90-100% of the stuff I had in the cart.  THAT is my retail therapy.  I am not a buyer.  I am a “store renter”.  By the time I’ve made a full circe, I have the wherewithall to realize that I don’t need the stuff in my cart.  But sometimes I do purchase a few items, and that’s nice and lovely.  But I don’t have to live with the “WHY did I buy this?  I do not need this!” guilt.

I returned home from my Target de-stressifyer and came home to calm children.  Hubby had settled in on the couch with them to watch and movie and the down time seemed to kick the naughty out of them.  This time.  But I was grateful.  And my alone time (all 2.45 hours of it!!) gave me the break I needed to love them better.  I donned my snowpants, boots, coat and gloves and headed out in the snow with the older two (Myles still HATES being out in the snow – but who can blame him?  He’s like Randy from “A Christmas Story”), and we built snowmen, had snowball fights, went sledding, and participated in a bit of Greco-Roman snow wrestling.  Now they’re both whooped pups, so an early bedtime shall be instituted.  Huzzah!

Here’s hoping tomorrow will be a bit better for this Christmas hangover.

Have a peek at a few more Christmas pics:

The morning's haul

Pillow Pets. They LOVE them. Who knew?

Oy. This one was as big as she is.

His face is pretty priceless.