Today I received a very very awesome boost in self-esteem.  I had a comment on my blog from one of the authors of another blog that I read on a regular basis.  If you haven’t heard of Rants From Mommyland, you need to read it!  Kate and Lydia (code names!) write about the adventures of Mommyhood in the most hilarious way.  They make me either A) feel better about my own crazy life and/or B) feel like I’m not the only one who wants to tear her hair out at the crazy things my kids do.  My husband is often subjected to hearing me read their posts aloud while laughing hysterically.  Anyway, when I saw that comment on my blog from Kate, I peed my pants with excitement!  She wanted to add my blog to their own blog’s page, “Blogs We Love”.  SKREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I did a happy dance, to the very disapproving eyes of my children.  So now you can find a link to my very own humble blog on their very well-read, very popular, very AWESOME blog.  Hooray!  Notice to my in-laws:  it’s edgy.  You probably wouldn’t like it.  But feel free to check it out.

I also highly recommend It’s Almost Naptime.  Blog author, Missy, is a strong woman of faith, who has a tremendous sense of humor.  Four kids, and she’s in the middle of adopting from Ethiopia, so of course, I feel a kinship to her.  She has never commented on my blog nor does she have a link to mine on hers, but perhaps that will be a new goal of mine.

I rank “good sense of humor” pretty high on the list of things I love in friends.  If you can make me laugh, I’m loyal forever.  Laughter is therapeutic, it burns calories, and it’s feels good!  If you like to laugh, visit these delightful blogs – you’ll love ’em!