It’s interesting to see the stats on my blog.  You see, I can track how many people are coming to read the blog and easily find out which post had the most views.  My top two most-viewed posts? 

The one entitled “My Dirty Little Secret” in which I confessed that I have read the Twilight series. 

The other?  The more recent post entitled “A Minor Rant on Swearing“. 

So apparently, what I need to do, is give my posts much more edgy, scandalous titles so that more people read. 

For shame people!  Okay, not really for shame.  You can ‘t help that at the very base of your humanity you are a dirty, guilty, voyeur.  I mean, I would probably do the same….but only because I know that I wouldn’t post anything porn-y or riddled with vulgarity.  So I would come with innocent curiosity.

Stop. Laughing.