I have been thinking lately about the “stuff” we accumulate as people, particularly we as North Americans, and may be changing the way I see all this “stuff”.  Thanks to a heady conversation with my rad hubby, we are both changing our perspectives.

You see, I have a nice house, a van for to tote my shorty brood about town, plenty of food, television, computers, a phone, plenty of clothes to wear and weather-appropriate accessories, furniture to sit upon, a bed to sleep in, etc, I could go on and on.  We have always been grateful for these things – this stuff – and have been sure to thank God for blessing us with these creature comforts.  But then that brings us to our renewed thinking.  Are these things blessings?  Or are they blockades?

Does our stuff get in the way of us truly appreciating the simple joys in life?  Are we so wrapped up in our stuff and acquiring more stuff that we are missing out on something truly amazing?  We love our stuff and it becomes easy for that to be what takes up most of our time and we may miss out on opportunities to be in relationships, to see when a friends needs us, to be present with our kids. 

I think this lifestyle that we are able to lead is not necessarily a blessing, but it is a challenge for us to sift through the stuff, to not let it block out an opportunity to receive God’s true blessings – relationships, love, and time with Him.  I’m not saying that having stuff is bad, but if we place too much importance on it, it will rule us. 

So I think that while I will still be grateful for all of my “stuff”, I will also realize that it holds the power to keep me from true joy.