Over the weekend, I came face to face with my daughter’s very first ballet recital.  It had been looming on my calendar for so long and finally, it came.  I was not looking forward to it for reasons such as, it had the potential to completely strip me of my sanity.  You see, my husband was out of town Wednesday through Saturday for this amazing conference.  One that I couldn’t go to this year because we couldn’t find child care and I didn’t want to bring them and pull them out of school.  Also, due to the dress rehearsal being at 9:30 Saturday morning, getting home to Chicagoland from Louisville would have been crazy in order to make it in time.  I was jealous, I admit.  My jealousy seriously depleted my patience reserves as well, which is always a great situation to be in when caring for three young children on your own for the better part of 4 days.

So Saturday morning, I rose early.  Not early enough apparently, as all three children were awake already.  Nooooo!!!!!  I showered as quickly as possible so as to cut down on the time available for the children to set the house on fire.  I threw some clothes on and headed downstairs to assess whether or not something was indeed on fire, broken, flooded, or worse, and found……Nothing.  Thank you, dear Lord!!!!

So like the SuperMom I am, I somehow managed to feed and dress the two boys, AND feed and put Caroline in full hair, makeup, and costume before 8:30am.  I still don’t know how I accomplished this.  Truly, the Lord works in mysterious ways.  We set off for the high school where the recital would take place and I actually made it in time.  AND I managed to remember to bring things to amuse the boys while they waited for their sister.  I know!  I’m awesome!!  I even remembered to bring my camera so I could take pictures and video of this sure-to-be-adorable event!  Caroline found her friends and I pulled out the camera, turned it on triumphantly and read, “No memory card” on the screen.  Darn it!!!!  I was *so* close!

Oh yes. Adorable. If I do say so myself.

The dress rehearsal went well despite my memory card snafu.  Caroline did so well and looked so incredibly cute that my head nearly exploded.  You can see her dance here, minus the first 5 seconds (I couldn’t get the button on my phone to cooperate).

So later that day Craig returned from the conference all fresh-faced, and filled up spiritually.  I resisted the urge to slap him (jealousy still looming I suppose), and instead just welcomed him, relieved and happy to have him home.

He was happy to see the kids (and me…I think) so I let him have his fill and I went upstairs to our room and passed out.  For four hours.  When I came to, we all went to our friends’ house for a birthday bash for both of their kids.  That was the bright spot in the day.  Next to the awesome nap, that is.

The next morning was official recital day.  Again, full hair, makeup, and costume was accomplished, but this time, I had Craig to take care of the needs of the boys so I didn’t have to threaten horrible consequences if they didn’t stop smacking each other and/or sitting on each others’ heads. 

Off to the recital, present for birthday party after recital at the ready

So off we went.  We had to be there a bit earlier because I was the room mom.  This meant that I had to sit in the cafeteria with Caroline’s class before the show, sit with them in the audience during the show, make sure they were lined up properly backstage to tippy-toe onstage, and then usher them back to their seats for the rest of the show.  At first I was really dreading the responsibility, but I ended up having a great time and I will probably vounteeragain next year.

Eight Little Lovelies

The best part of this day, however, was the absolutely insane schedule.  After her recital, she had to be rushed to a birthday party.  I was hoping that she wouldn’t want to go to this party since she has made comments in the past about how this girl doesn’t share toys.  But mention “party” and she’s on board.  Too much of her Mommy in her I suppose.  I drove right past where the party was and had to waste precious minutes to turn around.  Thankfully, she jumped right into the fun so I was able to leave pretty quickly.  From there, I rushed to church to calm down and prepare for my presentation to the high schoolers who are going to Nicaragua this summer.  I’m doing their cross-cultural training, and let’s just say that it was NOT the perfect day to start what with the running all over the town. 

I got to church literally shaking from the stress and adrenaline.  Now I needed to focus on speaking in front of people.  No.  Speaking in front of teenagers.  I had prepared the material beforehand, but somehow now looking at it, it made no sense.  I sat there thinking, “How in the world am I going to fill 30 minutes with this??!??”.  I went over my notes again and just prayed a very desperate prayer that went something like, “Lord.  Please.  My brain is not working.  Help.”

Somehow I made it through and the feedback was not terrible.  I even had someone say, “Thanks, I loved what you shared.”!  Crazy.  Next time I’ll be mentally present.

So the moral of the story is, I survived my first recital experience EVEN while it happened during one of my craziest days ever.  More importantly, Caroline loved the experience and our evening was filled with more ballet shows performed by our darling ballerina princess.  We are so proud of her!