Hi. I don't really respect myself. That's why I'm on this show. Also? What is this dress I'm wearing?

Stay tuned for a new weekly feature, a review of this season’s “The Bachelorette”.  I despise this show and haven’t watched for about 7 years now, but I stumbled upon the season premiere on Monday.  With my glass of Moscato in hand, I just couldn’t look away.  The hubby and I laughed hysterically as we voiced our reactions to the contestants.  Then I got the idea to watch it this time around and do a review on my blog.  I have asked my awesome friend, Jen Hamilton, to help me with this mini-project and she has graciously agreed.  We’re scrambling to put together our first post so have patience. 

I met Jen through my husband.  Her husband was my husband’s roommate in college.  She also went to college with them so they all know each other, but Jen is the kind of person who is so cool that I never felt awkward or left out of conversations when we all got together.  Her daughter shares Craig’s birthday, 30 years apart.  Our oldest son, Cole, has claimed he is in love with her.  Fine by me.  They also have another daughter and a son.  Cole and Jen’s daughter #2 are the same age, but he apparently prefers older women.  What a stud.

Here's Jen! Don't you love her? She's so pretty....

Jen is hilarious and quite a talented writer and I’m excited to do this with her.  She also hates the show and hasn’t watched it so we’re on the same team.  It’s totally for fun and yes, we will be making fun of this show and the people who signed up to be a part of it.  Yes, because you signed up for this, contestants, you are fair game to be ridiculed.  And you will be.  A lot. 

Fun times ahead, folks…….