Can we just say how difficult this project has become?  The general question is how these poor saps ever expect to be happy with normal, regular life when all they’ve experienced is crazy, over the top, circus-y dates?

Ben C. got a one on one date…. 

Nothing like a flashmob to create a romantic atmosphere.

Jen: Ok, so a flash mob for a date?  What a dumb idea!  I mean, really?? (E: No, but what did you really think of that idea?  Yowza!  🙂  I guess I’ll cancel the flashmob for the next time you and I hang out.) That being said, I thought Ben C. was a good sport.  I didn’t really have much of an opinion of him, but he played along with her insanity, so I give him credit for that.  He seems like a nice enough guy.  I don’t see her sticking with him…he’s too, well, regular.  I also liked her date with J.P.  It was cool how they just hung out…no Far East Movement performances, just a glass of wine and comfy clothes in front of the fireplace.  That was the most “real” thing I’ve seen on this crazy show.  I thought it was kind of nice that she put on her glasses and her flannel pants and just hung out.  He seemed pretty into it, and just willing to do whatever. 


"Live in a bubble with me!!" "You frighten me, but I'll be 'nice' and say that you're super sweet and romantic."

Elizabeth:  I’ll have to agree with the good sport thing.  Although he DID say that he wanted a dancing date when he heard about the group date in Vegas.  It was pretty hilarious to watch him during the choreography portion.  I would love to do a flashmob date myself, but not with someone I barely know.  His comment during dinner about wanting to live in a bubble where everything is ideal and he’s so in love with his partner?  Wow.  You are doomed for disappointment, friend.  I have a feeling that his bubble desire may be why he’s single.  Who can live up to that?

 Jen:  I also liked her date with J.P.,  but I don’t see her sticking with a Construction Manager either.  Not that there’s a thing wrong with him or his job, but she seems like she needs more “flash” in her life.  Maybe I’m wrong.  It was cool how they just hung out…no Far East Movement performances, just a glass of wine and comfy clothes in front of the fireplace.  That was the most “real” thing I’ve seen on this crazy show.  I thought it was kind of nice that she put on her glasses and her flannel pants and just hung out.  He seemed pretty into it, and just willing to do whatever. 
Elizabeth:  I honestly hope you’re wrong.  I totally see what you’re saying.  I think CM’s make good money, but maybe it’s a bit too blue collar for a dentist?  Who knows.  I hope she doesn’t care about that because I really like him.  And FINALLY here’s a date that’s normal!  How fun was it that they just hung out in their comfies?  That’s real life, people.   J.P. has now become my front runner.  ONLY because we haven’t seen Ben F. one on one yet.
Jen:  The group date–again, WHAT?? A roast?  First of all, I’ve never really “gotten” the whole roast idea, where you totally rip apart the one you “love”.  She was an idiot to think this was a good idea.  (E:  I think we can thank the classy producers for this one.)  Most of the guys were dumb and just cracked on each other. (E:  Or were they SMART for doing that?)  However, I can’t believe a single one of them brought up her flat chest (and she was OK with that??  Huh?).  It is just plain pathetic that they even noticed and would make a joke about it.  And then William…come on, guy.  Did you really think it would be ok to go “there” with who you’d been hoping the Bachelorette was?  DUMMY.  Then his sad soul searching wander-fest…get a grip people.  I was 100% sure she would not give him a rose, I mean why should she?  But NO, he gets a second chance.  Why, because he’s cute?  Can’t wrap my head around that one. 

WORST idea for a date, ever. EVER.

Elizabeth:  Oh the roast.  Great idea, because THAT will turn out well, with no one crying.  She’s already insecure about not being Emily (who apparently, is awesome) and they decide to do this?  This is pretty low.  So most of the guys realize that they should probably just rip on each other and NOT the girl they’re trying to woo.  But not William!!  He went into this as if it were a job interview for his new standup career.  He seriously lost points right there in my book, and of course, later when he actually spoke.  My favorite quote from the date was from Lucas – “Ames, when is your forehead gonna give birth?”.   He kept saying, “But it’s a ROAST!”.  Here’s a good rule of thumb:  If you’re trying to impress a lady, don’t rip on her.  It’s just not a good idea.

 Jen:  Thoughts on Bentley:  That man is a disgrace to the entire male gender.  Some of my favorite lines from last night:  “I’m going to go mess with her head a little bit.”  “She’s someone I would hook up with once in a while.”  “I’m going to make Ashley cry.  I hope my hair looks good.”  There is a whole litany of horrible words I could call this man.  But he doesn’t deserve any more of my time.  He makes me SICK.  I’m glad he’s off the show.  Ashley was an idiot (and so were the guys, by the way, for thinking he was a “good guy”.) for trusting him and falling for his slick lines.  And the fact that he totally used his daughter as an excuse for leaving the show…I mean he USED his own daughter to get out of being on the show.  I can’t imagine any girl wanting to be with him after watching this show.  Of course, there are plenty of insecure girls out there who would give it up just cause he’s cute (whatever, I didn’t think he was so great.  His hair sucked.) but hopefully he’ll get the cold shoulder now that the ENTIRE WORLD knows he’s a total loser. 
Elizabeth:  Bentley needs a good solid kick square in the junk. Another line was “Crying….it’s not attractive” when Ashley was all distraught after the roast.  Wow.  The compassion is overflowing.  Ashley said of him, “He’s just a real guy.  He doesn’t have an agenda”.  She is so wrong that it’s mind-boggling.  Then she has more one on one time during the group date and she decides to tell him about the text message warnings.  He makes excuses denying it and she totally falls for it again.  This is so classic.  He doesn’t have any real interest in her, so she’s crazy for him.  I’m also not impressed with his mumble speech and his Luke Perry expressions.  Is he even a real person?  I am SO happy he left.  But the way he left?  He said it was all about his daughter.  Oh Ashley, if he was into you, he’d stay.  Be a man and just say you’re not into her.  But instead he leaves her with this:  “It’s more of a ‘dot, dot, dot’ kind of parting.”…thereby stringing her along more, and now she wonders how she can go on with the rest of the season.  Did part of me wish she’d throw in the towel so it would be done?  Uhhhh…yep.  But alas, there is more drama to come.

Jen:  Thoughts on Jeff: Mask off.  (E:  FINALLY!!!)  Regular guy.  Might be ok if he wasn’t so darn CREEPY.  Glad he’s finally gone.  Why on earth did she keep him around so long in the first place??
Elizabeth:  No.  Idea.  Creepy masked men create intrigue.

The Rose Ceremony:  Can we all marvel at how Chris Harrison was the voice of reason?  That he actually contributed beyond letting all of us know that there was only one rose left to give out?  Regarding the “dot, dot, dot” comment, he told her, “That’s such a guy thing to say.  A real man would have fought like hell to get back here.”  Oh Ashley, please listen to Chris.  I cannot believe he offered such sound advice, but listen to him!!!  And William getting a rose is sure to make Chris D and Jeff super mad that they were rejected while he stayed.  I thought the way Jeff dramatically threw his mask into the fire was pretty hilarious.  (J:  OH–the mask burning!  That was hysterical!  SO melodramatic!  I have to believe that the producers set that up.  There’s no WAY a real person would’ve staged that on their own, right?  RIGHT???  Please tell me I’m right!!)
Jen:  As I was watching this week’s episode I was thinking that if she’d met any one of these guys in a “normal” way–bumped into them in line at Starbucks, sat by them on the subway, whatever–she could likely “fall in love” with any one of them.  But because of the circumstances they’re in, she can afford to be incredibly picky.  J.P.–don’t like his job?  Well, there’s 15 other guys you can choose from honey, kick him to the curb!  Ben C.–he’s not totally hot, real nice guy, but kind of average in the looks department?  Well, don’t look now, here’s 15 other hot guys who are tripping over themselves to kiss you!  I mean, it just is a set up for failure.  There’s such an atmosphere of finding the “perfect” person, when we all know darn well that there IS. NO. SUCH. THING.  And it creates a whole legion of girls (and guys) who are going to start setting up impossible standards when looking for a partner in life.  It just made me sad.  I think that most of these guys, especially the ones that are left, seem like regular, nice guys.  Why they have set themselves up for such a harsh examination and opportunity for humiliation and failure is beyond me. 
Elizabeth:  It’s beyond me as well….