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We are finally back online!  I had no idea how much I depended on this counfounded contraption until it was taken from me.  Even if it was just to check facebook research important stuff like I do so often.

So I’m going to have to get back to the whole Bachelorette thing.  Frankly, it’s grown tiresome and I have so little respect for those darn ABC producers that it’s difficult even to watch.  I picked up a few trash mags that had little blurbs on it so I may just comment on those as they are hilarious.  But again, I’ll get back to that later.

Right now I’m working on a little write up on family vacays.  That’s short for “vacations” for those of you who are unaware of cool short ways to say longer words.  We’ve been doing family staycation days over the last two weeks (not in a row, as the hubby has had to work a few days in between) and have done lots of “family fun stuff”.  And by family fun I mean, “How to survive a day with three kids without having a complete a total meltdown from one or all of them, whilst also attempting to have a delightful time of family bonding with fun and frolic intermixed” experience.  Fellow parents should know that this type of endeavor is not for the faint of heart and therefore should not be taken lightly in terms of planning and preparedness.  Thankfully, I learned from my mother who planned our own family fun experiences like the girl scout she is, preparing for every plausible possibility of weather, moods, accidents, and hunger needs.

Stay tuned…..


We STILL do not have internet.  This whole phone posting thing is not fun.  In our defense, we have been quite busy on our family staycation and haven’t even been around much. 

Speaking of this staycation, I have much to say about family vacations, amusement parks, waterparks, and the like.  My fingers are itching to type it out!

Until then readers……

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