I have known this girl for three days. Three. She has already made a permanent home in my heart. Yesterday was my day to reach out and initiate touch and physical affection. She was hesitant at first, but soon she leaned in for more. Today, she showed her desire for more almost immediately this morning.

We took her to the mall, to get a new ornament from the seasonal stand. You can find ornaments that reflect the number of people in your family and can get them personalized. Jelena chose a family of polar bears, with a mom, dad, and four little cubs. We had our names put on it and when she saw her name with all of us…..She was so happy.

We took her to a few fun stores, and as we walked the mall, she took both my hand and Craig’s hand. When was the last time you saw a 17 year old girl holding hands with someone other than a boyfriend or girlfriend at the mall? She relished it, and wouldn’t let go. So I won’t let go either.