Today was Dentist Day. We had an 8:30 appointment and I hardly slept for fear I wouldn't hear my alarm. I was worried that she would be scared. She was completely unaffected. She said she liked the dentist. It was right then that I was lost. Who likes the dentist??? J does, that’s who.

She was a total rock star. I helped translate (thanks to my limited Latvian and my Latvian-English dictionary), and she sailed through the exam and cleaning. They found three cavities and the only time we could get them filled, due to a jam-packed schedule, was 20 minutes from the time we finished the exam. I asked if she was okay with that and she shrugged, and said, “yeah, it’s okay”. Wow. So impressed. She toughed out the cavity filling, thanks to an amazing dentist and his gentle demeanor. He asked her what certain words were in Latvian, and when he repeated her, totally butchering the language, she giggled. As I was settling the bill at the desk (all services generously donated), she laid her head on my shoulder and snuggled in. This precious girl cannot get enough love.

She jumped in at dinner and took over peeling and chopping, and then happily helped wash dishes, taking time to hug me, kiss my cheek, or stand close enough to touch me.

Later, we watched America’s Funniest Home Videos and she laughed along with us, excitedly pointed out that Tom Bergeron looks like the dentist we had spent so much time with this morning, and helped the kids with their gingerbread house. I can’t help but be totally in love with this girl and how she is fitting into our family.