Present wrapping took precedence over blog posting last night. I literally had none of the gifts wrapped and I didn’t want to do it all tonight.

Yesterday was her first visit to our church. When she does attend church, she goes to an Orthodox Church, so ours was very different from what she is used to. Our Christmas program was yesterday also so the experience was a bit more “spectacle” than normal. She seemed to like it though and as tears rolled down my cheeks as I sang “O Holy Night”, she looked at me with concern, but I was able to pantomime that they were happy tears.

We came home and enjoyed some leftovers of pizza and boiled up some pierogi. She ate well that meal, both things she really likes. I started some crockpot chili and had to head out to finish shopping for J, so I was on my own. While I was gone (and miserable with the holiday shopping crowds), she played Wii with the kids and Craig. I returned two hours later, and still not done. Oh well. One less thing.

After we enjoyed some delicious chili, we headed to my in-laws’ hotel for some swimming. We had a great time. Like most Latvians I know, J loved to swim. She was so sweet playing with the kids, catching them as they jumped into the pool, and tossing our Perry the Platypus ball around. But I think the hot tub was the big hit with her. She loves hot water and I’ve caught her just standing at the sink letting the hot water run over her hands as she smiled blissfully saying, “Hooooooot!!”. The things we take for granted.

The kids all fell into bed after their swim time and I sent out our required weekly report and started wrapping gifts while watching, “Christmas Vacation”. It may have been nearly midnight when I quit, but I was definitely in the Christmas spirit!

Thank you, Lord, for this incredible opportunity to serve you by serving this amazing girl.