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Today was a great day. We all slept in, thank goodness, and were in much better spirits than at the end of the day yesterday. I was interested in checking out the new Cirque du Soleil movie (or Cirque des Olé, as my son called it), since it seemed like there was minimal dialogue and it got a “PG” rating. I double-checked a Christian movie review, just to see what the content was, and that I wasn’t taking this girl to a story with sex or other borderline inappropriate things in it. It got a good review from the site so we went. My two oldest kids joined us so it was a full family outing. There were two lines of dialogue and the rest was pure performance. I love this kind of theatric spectacle so I loved the movie. J loved it too. I was overwhelmed at the strength of the acrobats, the beauty of their movements, and the amazing costumes. My kids loved it too, so we all enjoyed ourselves. And we all understood it. It was nice to have an hour and half where all of us understood what was happening 100% of the time.

For whatever reason, she was more talkative than usual when we got home. We had some great conversations and I can feel the trust continue to grow.

We had our “fancy” Christmas dinner tonight. Rib roast, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. There was plenty of everything, and Jelena ate well. She had seconds of potatoes and meat, and thirds of broccoli. As we cleared the table, she had ore broccoli. Then we ate dessert (fruitcake and ice cream), and she had both offerings. As we cleared that, she decided she wanted to have an avocado. I think she has a hole in her stomach! The most amazing thing, though, was how she ate the avocado. She cut off the top, scraped the meat out of the top with a small spoon. Then she took the same small spoon and began to eat the meat out of the skin like it was a bowl. She ate around the pit, and kept peeling back the skin as she went. It was very entertaining to watch.

My bedtime hugs are getting bigger and longer each night. I love it. I even love the hard stuff, because it brings us even closer after we work through it. I wish this kind of experience for all of you. Ask me abut hosting for the summer. It will change you.

THIS is how you eat an avocado, people!

THIS is how you eat an avocado, people!