Thursday was zoo day. I am a zoo geek. I grew up going to Brookfield Zoo, and we went often since we were members. It wasn’t a long drive, so we could decide to go on free afternoons and spend a lot of time in one area. As I got older, I would go just to sit, watch the animals, watch the people, and sometimes sketch.

Visiting Brookfield in the winter is one of my favorite things to do. Not many people choose to spend the day there in the winter, so you feel like you have the whole place to yourself. Another bonus is that many of the animals are much more active. Such was the feeling yesterday. We moved about easily and had some fantastic views of the animals. J was enthralled with all of it. Her open-mouthed staring at the lions, who were right up at the glass window, was just as fantastic to watch as the lions themselves. She was quiet and difficult to read during the dolphin show, but when it was over, she said breathlessly, “Wow!”. She exclaimed over the seals and sea lions, she loved the sheep, the reindeer, the alpacas, and the horses, she was overwhelmed by the bears and the bison….it truly was a wonderful day. I love when someone else geeks out as much as I do over seeing all of these amazing animals.

We went out for dinner and I ordered for her because she was a bit overwhelmed. I chose from the list of specials and got her a dish with steak, pasta, and vegetables. I figured from her eating history, she could handle a big meal. That girl cleaned her plate. Then she ate dessert. Then we went home and she ate an avocado. Oh my word. Where does she put it all??

Today we went to the Harlem Globetrotters game. I haven’t been to one of these spectacles since I was in junior high. It was fantastic. The kids loved it and we were all awestruck at the talent of these players. We laughed and cheered, and enjoyed all of their antics. The game started out with a slam dunk from one of the players, and as he hung on to the hoop, he flipped himself over off of the rim. Both Cole and Caroline had their jaws on the floor. There were many exclamations of “Whoah!”, “Did you see that?”, “That was awesome!!”, and “Bahahahahaha!!”, from the two of them. While I noticed Jelena smiling and laughing, I also noticed a lot of quiet moments with her just watching and showing no expression. It wasn’t until we got outside and back into the car that she heaved a big sigh and said, “Wow! So nice! I like this very much!”.

She again ate a ton of food for dinner, and she is now snuggled in her bed, snoozing blissfully. Sounds good to me, I’m off!


Being silly with Grandma's wheelchair.

Being silly with Grandma’s wheelchair.

Globetrotters Shenanigans

Globetrotters Shenanigans