This morning brought some testing. Jelena was doing her best to find every annoying sound and movement, and repeating it ad nauseum. I was having a really difficult time letting her push the limits. I kept saying, “I love you, but this? Fooooooy!!(one of her favorite expressions). I guess we passed the test because she finally giggled and snuggled into me. This was after about two hours, on and off. I will not stop loving her.

Today we finally made our way downtown Chicago. We took a super rad Isaak Family Van driving tour. Did I mention it was really super duper cold? Hence us driving around. It was good because it allowed to see more of the city anyway.

We headed to experience the SkyDeck at the Sears Tower. Sorry, I am a lifelong Chicagoan and I cannot get used to saying “Willis Tower”. Anyway, after a bit of a wait, we made it to the top. It was a perfect day. Clear, sunny, and gorgeous. We loved seeing our beautiful city from above (the greatest city in the world). It was my first time there since they added those new “Sky Ledge” things. We waited again for our chance to stand out in a clear glass box that hovered over the streets, hanging off the edge of the building. But waiting in line with our four year old put me in a bit of a negative mood as he would just not stop whining. Then the group ahead of us, comprised of six people (three couples), decided they would take a picture for every possible combination of the people they had. At first, I thought, “Well, have patience. They are just trying to get the most out of their admission price”, but as the photos and combinations went on..and ON, I was like, good gravy, people!!! Then, as we finally moved up for our turn, the last lingering couple had the nerve to stop and ponder if they indeed HAD taken all the photos they wanted. I could not stop the “Seriously??”, that fell out of my mouth. Then they looked at me and behind us and apparently realized for the very first time that they weren’t the only people there. Anyway, we got out photos, and a nice group of young men offered to take a photo of all of us. They were very helpful. A little too helpful. When I saw one of them take a photo of us with his own camera, I was a bit put off. After they took their own photos, they hovered around where we were and I caught them looking at J a little too long for my liking. I alerted Craig and we made sure to block their view the rest of the time we were up there. Do not mess with Mama Bear.

Afterwards, we of course had to indulge in some deep dish pizza. Jelena needs to know that we live in a food loving city. A place where she can appreciate! In true J form, she ate two pieces of deep dish! She’s crazy!! Tonight, she took my Nook and found Google Translate. She brought me a beautiful translation of her thankfulness for us. She hates when I cry, but she definitely does it to me a lot!