New Year’s Eve has been a bit of a dud for us for a few years now. Let’s old is Cole? Eight. So, for eight years we have been super lame on NYE. Frankly, that’s okay with me. I can’t stay up as late as I used to anyway. This year, however, we had a truly miraculous offer made to us. Our fabulous neighbors said, “Hey, we’re not doing anything for NYE, so if you would like to go out, we would be happy to take have the kids come over. We just got XBox Kinect”.

So, we decided that it was the perfect opportunity to take our sweet Jelena out on a date. We take our other kids out on dates, which is one-on-one time with them, and can range from sit down dinners out, to sitting in the library and reading books.

We took her out to a stir fry place so she could just pick her own food without us trying to explain a menu to her. We had a great time watching the grillers work their magic. The food was delicious and she, of course, ate plenty of it. We all relished the time to just be with her and not have to parent our other kids. We got back home and had her listen to some music and give us her opinion (we’re working on putting together some music for an MP3 player), and watched the New Year’s festivities on tv. Our neighbors said they would keep the kids as long as we wanted and offered to put them down to sleep, so we took our time picking them up. We just enjoyed her. We had a great conversation and we really feel she is trusting us more and more. She shared a lot more again and we are loving watching her blossom as she fills up on love.

New Year's Eve Date!

New Year’s Eve Date!

I Loooove you!!

I Loooove you!!