I am being tested from all sides. J is not so bad. She is making noises, tapping, snapping, knocking, etc, to try and see what our limit for annoying noises is. No problem. I can handle that. It’s MY OWN children who are really testing me. J slept in this morning which gave me a chance to get some post-holiday cleaning done. When I tried to do so, one or more of them started doing something they knew very well was not cool. After so so very many of these incidents, Mama was pretty well done with their shenanigans.

Later, I came into the room and found that they had taken apart the vacuum cleaner’s accessories and had pulled up parts of the brand new rug in the library. Are you kidding me??? Yes, I lost my cool a bit and raised my voice. I was so crazy-frustrated that I ha to go out into the garage and have a good cry. I chatted with J about it later and she assured me, “But they are children’s! This is normal! It’s okay!”, to my explanation that I was sorry I lost patience. I then assured her that I love my kids very much, but they were testing to see if the rules would still apply with J in the house with us. I said, “Family is about loving not just with the good but also with those not so good moments”. What an amazing girl. She just hugged me and smiled. Hopefully that was good and not just patronizing. 🙂

Later, we went to Sky High, a really awesome trampoline place and bounced ourselves silly and exhausted. I arrived in a sour mood thanks to the testing going on during the day, but three bounces in, and suddenly I was a five year old again. I almost screamed, “Wahoooooo!”, but I wanted to be sure not to crash into anyone with my lack of focus.

Tonight we had her try a good old American classic, the root beer float. I thoroughly enjoyed mine, and she….didn’t hate it. 🙂

Root beer floats!

Root beer floats!