You know you’ve always wanted them in one place

I need to go back and check journals and facebook for the many hilarious Carolineisms, so keep looking for this page to fill…not to mention the fact that surely there will be new quotes to be heard.

**After she asked me several times to do something that was impossible, I said, “Sweetheart, I LITERALLY cannot do that”.  She responded:  “Hmph!  I think you GLITTERY can!!”

**Due to a painful, um “movement”:  “Mommy!  My butt is sick!”

**Caroline told me with quite a serious face, “Mommy, Minnie Mouse is sick”. Me: “Oh my, well let’s put her to bed. Here, I’ll give her some medicine.” Caroline: “Mommy, NO! It can NOT be cherry. Or grape. She ONLY likes watermelon”. Me: “Good heavens, then I’ll get the watermelon medicine”. C: “(smiles and sighs)… Okay Mommy”.  Administering the incorrect fake medicine would be terrible.

While floating on her back in the bath:  “Mmmmooooommmmmeeeeeee! It feels like this isn’t even real life!”

Showing some new toys to her friends: “Girls.  You are NOT even going to believe your eyes.”

Completely serious-face:  “Guys!  You need to be quiet.  I’m trying to give Layla (the dog) a massage.”

Going over a little hill in the van just the right way to give the kids that little tickle in their stomachs:  “Whoah!  Mommy!  That freaked out my butt!”

Talking about  babies growing in tummies and how she would move and kick when she was growing inside me.  Me:  “So you remember what it was like when you were still in my tummy?”  Caroline: “”Oh yeah.  It was pretty squishy and bloody.”

Caroline: “Mommy, if you have a secret, you can whisper it to me so Jesus can’t hear.” Me (smiling, obviously): “Oh but sweetie, Jesus can always hear us. He can even hear our thoughts”. Caroline: “WHAT?!?! (pause) Uh-oh.” Me: [rolling on the floor laughing]


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